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Nancy McGirr
I am the founder of Fotokids and have been privileged to be at the helm for 30 years. My previous work was as a combat photographer covering the wars in Central America as Reuter’s staff and I also worked on contract for Black Star.
Fotokids has kept me excited and committed for so many years. I have seen the kids blossom into artists, critical thinkers and compassionate adults able to find employment, in a severely depressed economy. They have taken over the program to share with others the opportunities they have had in Fotokids.
I have organized Fotokids exhibitions and given interviews in over 14 countries, taking the young artists with me. And I have found photography to be the perfect teaching tool to get kids excited about learning. We have used photography and writing to explore the rights of the child, the Guatemalan civil war, help with HIV positive children, kids with spinal difficulties, to look at cultural identity with children of farmworkers in California’s central valley, give girls a boost with a 3 year IT program, and teach environmental education in the jungles of Honduras. I have lived continuously since 1989 and it is where my heart is, it is my home.

Royce Nicolaisen
Chairman and CEO at Otis McAllister, global food distribution company with 🇬🇹 expertise. (prior board member).

Deborah O’Grady
Accomplished Fine art photographer and videographer with cutting edge, commercial work on soundscape design (prior board member).

Logan Robertson
Educational consultant, workshop facilitator, and grant writer. Logan earned her doctorate in education. (prior board member).

Walter Trask
International banking executive with extensive Latin American experience (prior board member).

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